5 steps to your RosettaGX order

Step 1

To order a test, download our a test requisition from the options below. Obtain specimen collection kits from your RosettaGX representative.

Step 2

Fax forms or ship with specimen to Rosetta Genomics
1. Philadelphia, PA: 1-215-382-0815
2. Lake Forest, CA: 1-949-587-7500

Step 3

Prepare the samples as described in the Sample Preparation and Shipping instructions (see page two of the Test Requisition Form)

Step 4

Collect and submit samples to Rosetta Genomics for analysis using the enclosed shipping instructions in kit

Step 5

We will contact you upon receipt of the specimen and send your test report back within 3-7 business days

For assistance with your order and to request a collection kit, contact a RosettaGX Representative:
1-888-522-7971 (toll-free) or 1-215-382-9000

Test Requisition Form


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What to expect

Your collection kit will include directions on how to prepare the samples for the tests you are ordering

Collect and submit samples to Rosetta Genomics

Depending on which tests are selected, they will be sent to labs in: Philadelphia, PA · Lake Forest, CA

Turnaround time for most tests is 4-7 business days

Rosetta Genomics handles billing/collection for tests it refers

Your report will provide clear and actionable results

For more information, contact a RosettaGX Representative.
1-888-522-7971 (toll-free) or 1-215-382-9000