Next-Generation Sequencing Technology

Unprecedented Accuracy

We leverage Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, which allows for comprehensive analysis of genomic information and provides actionable results to assist with treatment decisions for targeted therapy, chemotherapy selection, and clinical trial inclusion.

These tests include pharmacogenomic analysis for better insight into drug dosing and potential toxicities.

Our Next-Gen tests leverage this technology to offer a high-depth of coverage that can pick up low-frequency mutations, allowing physicians to more easily decipher actionable mutations from distracting, inactionable ones.

RosettaGX Next-Gen Panel Applications:

Genome-wide oncogenomic tumor profiling

Pharmacogenomic toxicity analysis

Patient stratification in clinical trials

Targeted therapy for lung cancer patients via OncoGxLung

Learn more about the RosettaGX specialty tests that utilize NGS technology: