RosettaGX™ microRNA Technology

High Stability • Solid Performance

microRNAs have been shown to have varying expression levels across various pathological conditions including cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular diseases. The fundamental biological role and biochemical characteristics of microRNAs make them an excellent choice as biomarkers.

The identification of microRNA biomarkers requires sensitive and specific measurements of the levels of the microRNAs extracted from the tissue or body fluid samples. We have developed proprietary methods to rapidly, robustly, and accurately perform these measurements.

Once extracted, our technology is capable of detecting and quantifying microRNAs using 2 custom designed platform technologies:

Microarray platform: covers approximately 2,000 human microRNAs, including approximately 170 microRNAs that are Rosetta Genomics’ proprietary microRNAs.

qRT-PCR platform: offers high sensitivity and specificity, with the ability to detect microRNAs on the single molecule scale, and to discriminate homologous microRNAs.

Learn more about the RosettaGX specialty tests that utilize microRNA technology: