Trusted Diagnostic Technology


The RosettaGX platform of tests uses blended technology platforms (microRNA, FISH, Next-Generation Sequencing) along with proprietary scientific approaches for each tumor type in our offering. We choose the most clinically informative and relevant testing based on an ongoing and thorough review of scientific literature and an internal medical review process

Rosetta Genomics is advancing and developing multiple diagnostic programs in cancer and for various other indications to enable accurate diagnosis and prognosis, and improve patient care management worldwide.


Once extracted, our technology is capable of detecting and quantifying microRNAs using two custom designed platform technologies.


Best-in-class, with a highly competitive success rate in obtaining informative FISH results in 98% of cases, and a turnaround time of three to four days

Next-Generation Sequencing

Allows for rapid and comprehensive analysis of genomic information, and assists with targeted treatment decisions and inclusion in clinical trials.